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Generac Home Standby Generators

Professional Generator Installation. 

Unlike our competitors, Calvin Generator has a sole focus of providing homeowners and businesses with a professional generator installation. We are located in Ellicott City, MD. Our statewide Maryland Master Electricians are dedicated to keeping you prepared for the next power outage. Protect your home or business with preferred 24/7 backup power protection of the #1 selling Automatic Home Standby Generator system.

Get Expert Help Choosing Your Generac Generator.

During your free quote, as an Authorized Generac Dealer and experts in helping customers like you select a Automatic Home Standby Generator system. We will discuss your backup power needs with you so that we can recommend the best standby power system. We will explain the installation and help you choose where your generator should be installed. And we will provide you with a written estimate. It’s free. And you have no obligation to buy.


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Complete Whole House Coverage

We offer homeowners a range of backup power solutions including generators and transfer switches capable of protecting every circuit in any size home. These solutions provide complete coverage for everything in your home.
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Managed Whole House Coverage

If you don’t use all of your appliances at the same time, then a smaller generator paired with a power management Smart Switch offers the next best thing to whole house coverage. Keep in mind that most people don’t use all of their appliances at the same time, so this may be the backup generator solution that’s best for your home.
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Essential Circuit Coverage

By sizing your generator system according to your essential needs rather than your home’s square footage, you’ll choose a backup power solution specifically geared to your basic usage requirements.
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See how David Panzarella and his family lived comfortably without power during a severe snowstorm.

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